"the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself"

Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species.

Like many infancy businesses, we too have reached a critical point and must pivot towards greater success and client needs. The business methods and operational style first thought out at concept stage are simply no longer viable and so a new and positive change is afoot for Picturegraphs, namely WA16 | PR.

The vast majority of business we receive is based upon commercial services provision rather than family and domestic portraiture. It is now time to bend towards these demands so that we can fully cater for business needs locally, regionally and nationally.

The current pace of business and our growing client base, has also pointed the way towards product, press, PR and documentary style in motion as well as still imagery. This client led approach means we can now offer great value video and photography with simple price plans and services.

As part of our planned transformation, we can now to offer retained services, making the cost of generating really attractive content more predictable, more manageable and more affordable.  These new services are ideal for startup business or established organisations looking capture new clients or re-engage with existing ones.

This, along side our fixed price commercial photography and video creation, is already proving to be the perfect fit for budget sensitive, successful and ongoing social media marketing.  Be amongst the first to be kept up to date with the changes and to inquire about our new affordable business services, please complete the simple form below.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Farber
Managing Director
Picturegraphs Ltd

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