Cost effective content creation.


Press & event Photography

Press and events are often high energy, run and gun documentary style photography.

*£150 for the first hour then £100 thereafter
*£500 per day ( approximately 7 hours )

Does not include mileage and any out of pocket expenses.


Corporate Photography

Costs provided are an estimate only, as each shoot may vary and assistants, additional lighting support may be required.

£150est for the first hour then £100 thereafter

Headshots & business
profile pictures

A simple, creative head and shoulder or small group shot, taken on location, using natural or basic lighting is just £95*

For a more involved picture requiring a studio style setup with more lighting, backdrops and assistants, prices start from £195*

Groups & Corporate Portraiture

We discount for five or more people, it's only fair really. Please talk to us or complete the form below and we'll get a quick quote over to you within hours.

Turnaround time

Generally speaking, we aim to get shots back within 24 - 48 hours. For group shots and teams, it does take longer as there's more work to be done.

If it's super urgent, we can deliver! We just get more people on the case. In all honesty, the majority of our clients call us asking for shots to be back with them at the speed of light.

Don't worry, we like the pressure!

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When is is the shoot?