To celebrate National Farming Day, a Cheshire farmer challenged Esther McVey, the MP for Tatton,  to bring in a harvest, the catch was, she had to drive the combine harvester!

Shot on multiple cameras in multiple locations, this short interview style promo encapsulates the energy of Future DJ's brand new music learning program. Filmed and edited in February 2017

Fundraising event in Knutsford for three charities. Simply shot and carfully edited to capture local and regional support.

Client's client testimonial: Forum of Private Business. This short interview style presentation, shows how a simple communication can highlight the business benefits.

A quickly shot and edited fly through on our gimbals gives a super smooth floating feel to the movie.

Corporate B2B video: Primarily for use in sales presentations and shot over a three day period with interviews, creative cutaways bound in a snappy edit. Completed June 2016

Client / Member testimonial: This kind of presentation really captures the feeling from clients and helps to attract more.

Episode based visual storytelling - Filmed and edited in May/June 2017 using documentary style shooting

A really simple promotional movie design to get attention to a market stall. Was used as a social media marketing centrepiece and attracted many thousands of views

Market Promotion: Shot it slow motion, this simple pastiche shows the mood and feeling at a local Makers Market.

A good example of a simple presentation video using supplied images and footage. This was used as an exhibition to capture interest and new clients. - *no sound*

Filmed and edited just moments after the event, Ian Cass, Chief Executive of The Forum, gives his views on 2017 Spring budget - March 2017

Corporate presentation and interview style production for an international aerospace engineering company. Shot in mid 2016

Market promotional movie. Loved by tens of thousands, visited by many more from across the county, the Knutsford Makers Market is the most popular monthly event in the town's calendar. Filmed over a 12 month period.

Community projects.

Part of the WA16 | PR ethos is to support community projects where and we we can. During the week following the attack at the Manchester Arena, a local pub, the Lord Eldon asked for support in raising awareness to their fundraising raffle.

Here's a quick video about a community garden that I opened and filmed. The street came together to raise the funds and turn a wasteland into a lovely place to be and enjoy.